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Below you will find my personal chat scripts for Facebook. I have used these and have made many sales doing so. The point I am making is they work and they are proven to work.
These scripts are just a guideline to help you get your offer in front of people in a non spammy way. 

Also it is important like anything to have posture when using them. Know that you have something great to offer and that it could really benefit the person you are talking to. Please keep in mind this is not just sending your link or sending a quick message. You need to be MAKING CONNECTIONS with real people. That is how you form relationships and people start buying from you. 

If you have already had a conversation in the past you can send these messages or something similar. (DO NOT SEND IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD A PREVIOUS CONVERSATION) 

Would you be open to something if it only was $30.00 and you could potentially turn that into thousands? 

When they say yes invite them to our conference call or hangout. 

If you could show you how to get 2-5 new customers into your business
a day would you be open to learning how? 

When they say yes invite them to our conference call or hangout.

If you know them already say this...

I just recently was introduced to something and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on it? I would really appreciate it if you could just take a look and let me know your thoughts. 

When they say yes invite them to our conference call or hangout.

My Personal Facebook Chat Scripts


Getting Facebook Friends Script In Groups -

Hey Name, I saw you in a (name of group) are you also in a home business? If so hows that working for you? Hit me back.

Greeting To Use To Get Conversation Started 

Hey Name, How's it going? How is your day so far?

I see you're currently in (State Where They Are From), how long have you lived out there? 
Cool. So what exactly is it that you do NAME?

How is it going for you so far? Do you do it full-time?



***Optional Questions:

How are you finding the economy right now over all?

~Tell me more about that.


Could you use an extra $100 a day? (plug in any amount you want here.)
How have you primarily marketed your business in the past?
Have you had good results so far?

Have you ever considered doing something else or are you happy with where you're at now?

If I could share with you a way to get better results without interfering time wise with your current business, would you be open to it? 

If I could show you how to take $30 and potentially turn it into thousands would you be open to it? 

When they say yes, invite them to the conference call or send them to the hangout with your affiliate link.

How soon do you think you can take a look at the information?

When they give you a time make sure you schedule an appointment to meet up with them. BE A PROFESSIONAL

Here is my phone number (714) 777-7777, give me a call if you have any questions. What’s yours so I know who’s calling me?

*****The closing script after a no thanks or any resistance whatsoever.

You know what (name), this probably isn't for you, but you know what it was great to connect. I really enjoyed our time getting to know one another but let's definitely keep in touch and I wish you well on your path. 

Closing Questions

General Closing Information & Questions

Qualifying Questions:

How serious are you?

How serious are you about starting a business from home?

How serious are you about improving the quality of your life?

What do you do for a career? / What do you do for a vocation?

Is that a good career for you? Do you like it?

Have you ever considered starting your own home business?

If they say: “I’m not sure”

Say: “What does that mean?”

Closing Questions After They Have Reviewed The Information

Based on what you saw or heard how do you feel?

Based on what you reviewed are you ready to get started?


Have you received enough value that you are ready to start with our company?


I have One Question For You. ( Wait For A Response ), Are You Ready To Get Started With A Winning Team? ( Wait For A Response ), Great! 
(Simply Direct Them Where They Can Sign-Up)

Another Approach

Hey Name, based on what you saw and heard what did you like the most about it?

Be Silent and let them tell you. 

Once they do say this: It sounds to me like your are ready to join. 


Alternate Closing Questions:

So (name) based upon what you have seen and heard can you see an opportunity here?

(If they answer not sure)

So (name) let me ask you a question what has to happen for you to feel comfortable to move forward and participate?

When you are looking for a new business what do you typically look for? What is most important to you?

(If you are not congruent with a certain amount of money you will come up with objections. You need to be congruent to not get objections.)

Overcoming Objections:

5 Most Common Objections:
-I want to think about it
-I don’t have the time
-Third Party Approval

If someone says they are not interested LET THEM GO! They are not qualified.

If someone says they don’t have the time LET THEM GO! They are not qualified.

If you ask a question and they do not answer it LET THEM GO!they are not qualified.

Money Objections:

I can appreciate that. Do you feel that $30 is too much to start a business?


If you did have the money would you get started today?
if they say yes…

Where can you attract or create $30 to start in a business today?

If they say they could sell something, put it on a credit card, ask a friend, ect... 

SAY: Could you commit to that?

Third Party Objection:

I am sure you can appreciate that I need to run it past my wife.

Say: Can you close your wife? Does your wife endorse you starting a business?


I appreciate that. Do you run ALL your decisions by your wife?

They want do it but they need to sleep on it.

Say: If you already know you want to get started why do you have to sleep on it?


I can appreciate that. When will you get back to me?


How long do you typically take before you decide?




I appreciate that and I do think/feel that you should do your research 
and take your time because I spend a lot of time training you and I 
wouldn't want you to join our team unless you are absolutely certain
this is a good fit for you.


Is this a Pyramid?

~ No are you looking for one?

How long have you been doing this?

~ 6 more days I'll be here a week!

How much money have you made?

~ None does that make you more impressed with me?


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